Enneagram for Yogis
Enneagram for Yogis

The Enneagram for Yogis

A Self-Guided Online Course for Weaving the Wisdom of the Enneagram Into Your Life, Yoga Practice, and Personal Journey


Tap into the Power of the Enneagram to Align your Self-Care and Personal Development through Customizing Your Yoga Practice

The teachings of the Enneagram of Personality are deep and complex, but all too often are presented in a surface-level way that offers surface-level results. This course offers a remedy to this common experience. Here we present the Enneagram, a personality type system with deep spiritual and psychological roots, in a clear, fun and resonant way.

In this foundational course, you will learn to accurately identify and understand your home-base Enneagram type, and apply that understanding to your yogic study/practice—while exploring all nine types so you can better understand and connect with the people in your life.

This program will allow you to access the wisdom of your Enneagram type, as well as that of others, opening up a wealth of nuance and insights you can use with self-awareness, relationship building, and psycho-spiritual development. In addition, you will learn how to customize your yoga practice to optimally fit your personality type, whether you are stressed out and need balance, or are thriving and have a deep yearning for growth. 

Has your curiosity been sparked by quizzes, articles, or other sources which claim to identify your home base Enneagram type and illuminate the contours of your personality?
Perhaps you’re intrigued by the Enneagram, but desire a deeper path for personal growth.
Or, you love your yoga practice, but feel it might be too “one size fits all” to truly meet you in all your uniqueness, so have not fully committed.

Perhaps, you now find yourself curious to learn how the Enneagram can bolster your yogic and spiritual practices.
If so, you’re in the right place!

What Enneagram Type Are You?


Type 1 The Reformer

Type 2 The Helper

Type 3 The Achiever

Type 4 The Individualist

Type 5 The Investigator

Type 6 The Loyalist

Type 7 The Enthusiast

Type 8 The Challenger

Type 9 The Peacemaker

Learn Skillful Ways of Being + Becoming

In this course, Enneagram Teacher, Mike Cohen, will help you gain clarity around your home-base Enneagram type, as well as become familiar with all nine types, in order to help you gain self- and other-awareness and customize your yoga/spiritual practices to best support you and your growth.

 You’ll Learn To:

  • Identify your home-base type resulting in greater self-awareness + self-understanding
  • Flesh out key contours of your personality, including childhood messages, communication styles, social/emotional tendencies + more
  • Understand the basic fears + desires of each of the nine Enneagram types + skillful ways of relating to them
  • Differentiate and understand the Three Centers of Intelligence (head, heart + body)
  • Open up this fun, valuable, useful + relevant journey of self-discovery
  • Customize your yogic + spiritual practices for support and stretch, as needed
  • Discern for yourself what will be most helpful for your spiritual + personal development at any given time

Gain Insights Into Your Personality + Potential Through a System Largely Missing From the Modern Yoga World


Despite how it may be presented elsewhere, the Enneagram is a deep, complex and wonderfully customizable system that can greatly benefit your life.


Mike Cohen has employed the Enneagram in his coaching practice since 2002. He knows firsthand how profoundly important this system is if you seek to understand yourself and others, demystify your relationships, and customize your yogic/spiritual development based on your unique personality.


Comprehensive personality theory does not show up in traditional yoga lineages, so the Enneagram an incredibly complimentary teaching for all of the yoga practitioners in the world.

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Course Details

This self-guided course is shared online for maximum convenience. You can dive into these teachings anytime and anywhere. This course includes:

  • 5 hours of knowledge-packed video lessons led by Enneagram expert Mike Cohen
  • Detailed written lessons to take your learning deeper
  • Private Facebook community group to answer all of your essential questions and to connect with fellow Enneagram explorers
The Enneagram for Yogis

$149.00 USD

Enneagram Typing Session

To access the wisdom of the Enneagram, you need to first gain clarity on your Home Base Type. In the Get Your Type Right process, you will take 3 assessments (scored by Mike), learn your top 3 choices and engage in 1:1 typing session with Mike to discern which feels like the best fit.

"Get Your Type Right"

Regular Price: $199 Sale Price: $149

Enneagram Typing Session

To access the wisdom of the Enneagram, you need to first gain clarity on your Home Base Type. In the Get Your Type Right process, you will take 3 assessments (scored by Mike), learn your top 3 choices and engage in 1:1 typing session with Mike to discern which feels like the best fit.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

"The Enneagram, as I am coming to understand it, thanks to Mike, is truly a tool for self-realization in the sense that the more we know who and why we are, the more we can accept ourselves, and thus others.

Mike’s passion seems to be for each of us to wake up to our potential by understanding our individual operating systems, our Enneagram types.

He holds space for exploration with love and joy. It’s a blessing to be showered with his bountiful wisdom."

Jaimie Epstein

Jaimie Epstein
Writer/Editor, Yoga Instructor

"I arrived at the Enneagram for Yogis course confused about my home base type, having taken three different tests, which gave me three different answers! This course helped me discover and feel confident in my choice of home base type. The material was laid out in a well organized and practical way, and Mike’s explanations were exceptionally thorough.

I so enjoyed learning about how to use yoga to manage stress and encourage growth for each of the nine Enneagram types. As a yoga instructor, I can see that customizing yoga with the Enneagram can help both myself and my students grow and deepen our yoga practices."

Krista DeLeon

Krista DeLeon
Program Administrator & Yoga Teacher

"I had not heard of the Enneagram before this course. I learned so much more than a quiz could tell me! In addition to helping me figure out my type, I used the customized yoga poses for my type to help me open my heart and grow towards a healthier self.

Learning about all nine Enneagram types, allowed me to clearly identify types in my own family, including my mom and sisters. Enneagram for Yogis was extremely informative, and it also made me want to learn more. In his blog, Mike suggested a couple of books for reading, which I recently ordered. And, I can't wait to dive in deeper!!"

Crystal Freeman

Crystal F
Web Designer, Online Business Strategist

"As a marketing consultant for many small businesses I was not only able to identify my Enneagram type, but also more fully understand my client relationships.

Understanding my own style has vastly improved my ability to work more cohesively with personality types that do not match my own. So useful!"


Business Consultant & Small Business Owner

Are you ready to step into a deeply personalized yogic path, and expand your awareness of self and others?

The Enneagram for Yogis

$149.00 USD

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Are you ready to step into a deeply personalized yogic path, and expand your awareness of self and others?

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Meet Your Teacher

Mike Cohen, MA
Founder, Kirtan Leader Institute

Mike Cohen was introduced to the Enneagram of personality in 2000, and was promptly mis-typed. In 2002 he was reintroduced to the Enneagram (and correctly typed) during his training as an Integral coach. Ever since he's been using this incredibly valuable tool with his students and clients. In 2005 Mike completed a 100-hour certification as an Enneagram practitioner through the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute lineage. Across two decades of coaching with the Enneagram, Mike has worked with thousands of clients via individual and group coaching and training programs (in person and virtually) in corporate, small business and public program environments within a wide range of organizations across the US and his hometown of Boulder, CO. In January 2017, Mike was quoted in Yoga Journal's first ever article on the Enneagram (read article here).

Founder of the Kirtan Leader Institute, Mike has released four critically acclaimed Kirtan albums and trained thousands of Kirtan Leaders - from total beginners to those he guided to release full length albums. Of course, he uses the Enneagram with all his students.

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