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Designed for new & semi-experienced harmonium owners who want to learn how to optimize the use of their instrument.

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A Finely Tuned List of Tools & Solutions to Take Your Kirtan Practice to the Next Level

Based on 13+ years of working with students, from total newbies to total professionals, we've compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions about harmoniums... and their solutions. Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of playing your harmonium, learning to play your instrument and chant is fun and easy !

Guided Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials on how to open, close, & set up your harmonium, plus guided troubleshooting tips and lots more!

Learn On-Demand

Get immediate access to videos, mp3's, written content, and more! Learn how to solve common problems on your own, and how to play your harmonium with comfort and ease. 

Gain Confidence

Become more confident using your harmonium through our practical tools for understanding how to get the most out of your instrument.

Are You Stressed, Confused, or Just Eager to Start Playing Your Harmonium?

If so, this program was built with you in mind. Maybe you bought a harmonium, were excited to chant at home, then quickly become overwhelmed or intimidated by your new instrument. Maybe you've had your harmonium for awhile, realize you are not getting the most out of it, and want support so you can play it with confidence. Or, maybe you've been playing your harmonium with success, but recently discovered it's not working properly, and are in need of a simple troubleshooting list in order to solve the problem on your own.
This course will help you:
  • Learn how to open & close your harmonium with ease
  • Set up your stops & drones (knobs) correctly
  • Develop familiarity with the location of your keys
  • Comfortably play your instrument without pain, adjust your instrument's volume, and understand how to play if you're a lefty (left hand on keyboard)
  • Get a beautiful, even, constant sound from your instrument (air flow management)
  • Identify if you are experiencing a “user error”, or if your harmonium actually needs repairs
  • Solve your problems, both big & small, so you can enjoy chanting your heart open…
  • Bonus: Learn to play & chant "OM" with your harmonium!

Streamline your learning process and learn how to play your harmonium with confidence & ease!

What People are Saying:

"I was so excited to bring my new harmonium home, but quickly realized I needed to understand the basics of the instrument before I could begin playing. I'm so glad I found this online course - it answered all of my harmonium questions & more!"

- Megan
Yoga Teacher

"This program is what every new or exploring harmonium owner needs. From simple tools to advanced tutorials, this program delivered on all of its promises at an AMAZING price!"

- Adam
Nurse & Aspiring Kirtan Leader

"I've been playing my harmonium for a few months, but knew it held more potential than I could access. You can tell Mike has a lot of experience in this field because he makes complex harmonium problems very easy to understand and has included so many useful tutorials in this program."

- Elizabeth
Singer & Songwriter

Solve your problems, both big & small, so you can enjoy chanting your heart open…

Real solutions for real problems for real people. Simple & practical tools to unlock your harmonium's potential & yours!



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  • On-Demand Virtual Course with Videos, Mp3's, & Written Content
  • How to Open & Close Your "Safari" Style Harmonium

  • Using Your Stops & Drones (aka Knobs)

  • Tips for Playing Your Harmonium with Ease

  • How to Pump Your Bellows

  • Keyboard Hand Positioning

  • Learn to Chant "Om" While Droning

  • Troubleshooting Issues + Bonuses

  • & More!

One-Time Payment, Get Immediate Access!


Meet Your Instructor

Since 2010, Mike Cohen, MA, has supported thousands of chant fans on their journey into Kirtan Leadership. Each year, Mike and his team train hundreds of Kirtan Leaders through his Kirtan Leader Institute—from total beginners, to those who share Kirtan with others, and even some who go on to lead bands, create albums, tour and play festivals!

His proven system (which bypasses the need to read or understand Western or Indian music or music theory) quickly and easily guides students to chant at home and share with others in a way that makes intuitive sense to those with no musical background.

Mike loves teaching students how to play chants on harmonium, guiding them how to build Somatic Awareness & Shakti Awareness, and helping them access deep wisdom through myth in a way that's both relevant & invaluable for our modern times. In 2020, Mike released his fourth full-length Kirtan album with Grammy nominated producer Ben Leinbach. Mike lives in Boulder, CO with his partner Martha. He is committed to sharing Kirtan and teaching people how to chant at home and share sacred chant with others.

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