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EN(CHANT) Your Life

5 Chants, 5 Myths, 5 Deities

(EN)CHANT Your Life with the Power of these 5 Deities

Theme: Removing Obstacles 

Theme: Devotion and Moving Beyond “Self” into connection with “Others” and the “Divine”

Theme: Expressing Love in the World

Transmuting Negativity, Healthy Anger, Overcoming Darkness

Theme: Expanding Awareness, Consciousness, and Space – the Benefit of Meditation

Each Module Includes:  

  • Modern Myth – Grow your Spiritual Intelligence
  • Story telling and explanation of important Yogic myths
  • Musical Lesson – learn to sing the chant while playing the song on your harmonium
  • Set the intention, learn how to work with the deity, and chant along with Mike
  • A guided meditation will help you notice shifts in your inner experience
  • Reflection on what needs attention in your life (i.e. obstacles to overcome)
  • Action steps on how to apply the lessons you learned in your daily life
  • Bonus live group calls with Mike that are recorded and stored in the course


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EN(CHANT) Your Life Reviews:

The lessons are great. I was enjoying chanting prior to this but never knew the interpretations/stories or what the words meant even. The chanting has energy all of its own. The entire format of the classes has been perfect.

Carol Martin

I can now open my music book, read the music and practice playing and chanting ALL 5 of the chants we have learned = HUGE SUCCESS! I am delighted and so HAPPY! Before this course my chant practice was primarily making up my own melodies for chants/mantras which is great yet was a much slower process and also limited by my beliefs that "I shouldn't write Kirtan music." I loved this course especially the easy process to learn new chants QUICKLY. I feel confident and inspired to write more music and share the amazing of Kirtan with my community. I am forever grateful, thank you

C.A., Yoga Teacher