EN(CHANT) Your Life

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7 Chants, 7 Myths, 7 Deities

EN(CHANT) Your Life From Your Own Home
w/ Mike Cohen & the Kirtan Leader Institute

(EN)CHANT Your Life with the Power of these 7 Deities

Theme: Removing Obstacles 

Theme: Devotion and Moving Beyond “Self” into connection with “Others” and the “Divine”

Theme: Embodying the Primary Divine Qualities of Truth, Love, Purpose and Peace

Theme: Expressing Love in the World

Transmuting Negativity, Healthy Anger, Overcoming Darkness

Theme: Expanding Awareness, Consciousness, and Space – the Benefit of Meditation

Theme: Divine Unconditional Love – What does it mean to BE love in the world?

Each Module Includes:  

  • Modern Myth – Grow your Spiritual Intelligence
  • Story telling and explanation of important Yogic myths
  • Musical Lesson – learn to sing the chant while playing the song on your harmonium
  • Set the intention, learn how to work with the deity, and chant along with Mike
  • A guided meditation will help you notice shifts in your inner experience
  • Reflection on what needs attention in your life (i.e. obstacles to overcome)
  • Action steps on how to apply the lessons you learned in your daily life
  • Bonus live group calls with Mike that are recorded and stored in the course


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EN(CHANT) Your Life Reviews:

“The lessons are great. I was enjoying chanting prior to this but never knew the interpretations/stories or what the words meant even. The chanting has energy all of its own. The entire format of the classes has been perfect.”

Carol Martin

“I can now open my music book, read the music and practice playing and chanting ALL 7 of the chants we have learned = HUGE SUCCESS! I am delighted and so HAPPY! Before this course my chant practice was primarily making up my own melodies for chants/mantras which is great yet was a much slower process and also limited by my beliefs that "I shouldn't write Kirtan music." I loved this course especially the easy process to learn new chants QUICKLY. I feel confident and inspired to write more music and share the amazing of Kirtan with my community. I am forever grateful, thank you”

C.A., Yoga Teacher

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