The Complete Guide to Ganesha


Everything you've ever wanted to know about chanting to Ganesha on your harmonium and more!

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 Preview the Course Above! 

Experience Chanting to Ganesha in "5D" through his Myth, Mantra, Chant, Embodiment Meditation, and Life Lesson!

For Kirtan Beginners & Explorers with a Harmonium

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Learn to Chant to GANESHA, the Remover of Obstacles, in a Fun & Accessible Way!

Receive guided instructions for the chords, melody, and mantra to invoke the Hindu deity Ganesha and remove the obstacles in your life. Access everything you need to learn "how to" chant to Ganesha with your harmonium... all in one place! Plus, don't just learn the mantra - learn the myth, how to integrate its energy, and ways to bring the wisdom of this profound deity into your daily life!

Remove Obstacles

Explore the myth of Ganesha and the identify obstacles present in your life. Remove, change or find ways around these obstacles by chanting, integrating the energy of the mantra, and practicing living the wisdom of Ganesha in your life.

Chant with Your Harmonium

Learn how to chant while playing your harmonium! Receive step-by-step instructions on how to play chords while chanting the mantra to Ganesha. Increase your Kirtan skills & boost your confidence!

Learn On-Demand

Get immediate access to videos, mp3's, written content, and more! Watch the video's on your own time, pause, rewind, and replay to get the best understanding of the material. Learn to chant from the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to move energy in your life?


Are you:

  • Struggling to begin an important life project
  • Feeling blocked around achieving meaningful partnership
  • Caught up in toxic cycles
  • Dreaming of advancing your career, but not sure what's stopping you
  • Fantasizing about relocating, but feel stuck on how to launch that transition
  • Experiencing a creative block or in need inspiration
  • Plateauing financially
  • Just wanting a little more joy, laughter, and ease in your life?

Then, Ganesha is the perfect deity for you! Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, helping chanters move through, around, and beyond challenges with ease.

This course will guide you in an accessible and comprehensive manner so you will learn how to chant a new mantra, plus integrate the wisdom, myth, energy, and lessons of Ganesha!

What Makes Us Different:

At Kirtan Leader Institute, we make learning fun and easy. Our courses simplify and streamline the most USEFUL information making it extraordinarily accessible for learners of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

In this program, you will first learn the myth about the Hindu deity, Ganesha, who's powerful ancient story is relevant to your life today. Then you will be guided through step-by -step instructions to play your harmonium and chant a Ganesha mantra that is easy to learn yet powerful. You will practice this mantra in our guided practice, then integrate the energy through our Somatic Meditation. Finally, you will explore the life lesson Ganesha has to offer, so you can work with it, learn, and transform your life using the wisdom of Ganesha.

We have carefully distilled the primary elements of chanting to Ganesha so you can quickly and easily bring the energy and wisdom of Ganesha into your life without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated.

While other programs may overwhelm learners with heady or analytical information, we are dedicated to making the learning process a fun, interactive, and results focused experience for YOU.

What People Are Saying...

"Amazing! Mike is an incredible story teller and teacher. I love the way this course is put together and feel like I really tapped into the energy of Ganesha and the wisdom this deity has to offer. I played it for my weekly yoga class and they loved it. "

Yoga Teacher

"This really is a 'Complete Guide to Ganesha'. It answered all of my questions, plus taught me how to chant to Ganesha using my voice and harmonium, not just understand it in a textbook way. Thanks KLI for another great course! I'll be back for more!"

Body Worker

"What a perfect introductory course to learn how to chant with my new harmonium! The step-by-step instructions helped me understand how to play the chords while chanting, and the guided practice helped me gain confidence in my playing. This was just what I needed."

Vegan Chef

The Complete Guide to Ganesha


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  • On-Demand Virtual Course with Videos, Mp3's, & Written Content
  • The Myth of Ganesha
  • Instructions for a Ganesha Chant (with Printable PDF)
  • Guided Chanting Practice (with Harmonium Instructions)
  • Guided Somatic/Shakti Meditation for Integration
  • Life Lessons of Ganesha
  • Bonus: Tips on How to Play Your Harmonium with Ease!
  • ...and more!

Meet Your Instructor

Since 2010, Mike Cohen, MA, has supported thousands of chant fans on their journey into Kirtan Leadership. Each year, Mike and his team train hundreds of Kirtan Leaders through his Kirtan Leader Institute—from total beginners, to those who share Kirtan with others, and even some who go on to lead bands, create albums, tour and play festivals!

His proven system (which bypasses the need to read or understand Western or Indian music or music theory) quickly and easily guides students to chant at home and share with others in a way that makes intuitive sense to those with no musical background.

Mike loves teaching students how to play chants on harmonium, guiding them how to build Somatic Awareness & Shakti Awareness, and helping them access deep wisdom through myth in a way that's both relevant & invaluable for our modern times. In 2020, Mike released his fourth full-length Kirtan album with Grammy nominated producer Ben Leinbach. Mike lives in Boulder, CO with his partner Martha. He is committed to sharing Kirtan and teaching people how to chant at home and share sacred chant with others.

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