Sacred Chant Mentorship

Receive one-on-one guidance and personalized support from expert teachers so you can launch, expand & deepen your chant practice.

Accelerate your learning in a safe & supportive mentoring relationship with teachers committed to meeting you exactly where you are... no matter your level of musical experience!


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On your journey with Sacred Chant, you will face many challenges as you launch, expand, and deepen your Kirtan practice. This is where the feedback from a Sacred Chant Mentorship can really help.

Created by Mike Cohen, a lifelong musician, innovative educator and masterful Kirtan Leader, a Sacred Chant Mentorship provides the most direct, powerful and focused form of Kirtan education available.

This mentorship is a potent one-on-one coaching program that pairs user-friendly educational resources with personalized support. A Sacred Chant Mentorship will ensure that your Kirtan growth is optimized by the useful guidance you receive every step of the way.

Everything You Need to Launch, Expand, & Deepen An Inspired Kirtan Practice.

Guided by expert teachers, you will access useful resources, proven methods for learning, get your most pressing questions answered, and receive customized support that unlocks your Kirtan potential!

Accessible Online

Achieve the results you want from the comfort of your own home! Schedule sessions that fit perfectly in your schedule. Join on your computer, laptop, or iPad to receive invaluable feedback that will turbo-charge your Kirtan learning in the most convenient way imaginable.

Customized Support for Your Learning

Your mentors will meet you right where you are so you can stay at your learning edge. Real-time guidance customizes your sessions to fit your needs in a safe, supportive, & fun mentoring relationship!

Results Oriented

Accelerate your learning so you can expand your repertoire, build skills on the harmonium, and deepen your ability to share your heart's song at home... or perhaps even share Kirtan with others! Enjoy getting everything you need to achieve your Kirtan goals.

Do you love Sacred Chant and long to bring it more fully into your life?

In a Sacred Chant Mentorship, our highly experienced KLI teachers offer their expertise so you can launch or deepen your practice in no time at all.
You Will Learn:
  • How to work with our super user-friendly chant sheet library of music from your favorite Western Kirtan artists
  • How to chant and play harmonium with skill and ease using our time proven methods
  • Useful¬†habits¬†that set you up¬†for success¬†as you progression to¬†more musically¬†complex chants
  • Exactly what is next for you¬†given your¬†current skillset and desired future
  • How to¬†begin or¬†truly establish your home chant practice OR accelerate your¬†path as a professional Kirtan Leader or¬†Sacred Chant artist.
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Receive Guidance & Support from Master Kirtan Teachers!

Mike Cohen, Founder of Kirtan Leader Institute

In this program, Mike brings the fruit of his decades of chant practice to you in the form of a caring relationship, dedicated attention and proven teachings for students of all levels. 

In 2010 Mike founded the Kirtan Leader Institute (KLI) as a way to evolve the field of Kirtan education with insights, practices and design principles from the worlds of leadership development, training, Somatics, Ontology, Integral Philosophy, Sri Kaleshwar's Dattatreya Spirituality, and more.

Over the past 15 years the KLI has trained thousands of chant fans, harmonium owners and those who share Kirtan with others (Kirtan Leaders). Mike has learned a tremendous amount by engaging with many KLI students which has allowed him to experience "the miracle of iteration," leading to well proven teachings which have become remarkably dialed in over time. As a result, Mike and the KLI teachers are able to turbo-charge learning and growth in those with whom they mentor.

Each year the KLI trains hundreds of students‚ÄĒfrom total beginners, all the way to those who lead bands, create albums, tour and play festivals! Their¬†proven system (which circumvents the need to read or understand Western or Indian music or music theory) quickly and easily guides students to chant at home and share with others in a way that is intuitive and makes sense to those with no musical background.

Mike loves creating a safe mentoring relationship where students experience guidance and support. Together they create learning that allows students to fulfill their deepest heart longings with the ancient practice of sacred chant. 

Click HERE to listen to music from Mike's four full-length Kirtan CD's. 

Michele Heaphy, Senior Kirtan Teacher 

Michele Heaphy, a lifelong musician, artist and natural-born educator, believes in unleashing the creative spark in everyone. Michele's diverse career spans music education, pottery studio ownership, and leading Kirtan. Whether nurturing beginning instrumentalists through their initial foray into music, mentoring high school percussionists, or guiding adults through the intricacies of working with clay, Michele's unwavering passion for education has spanned all levels of age and experience.

Michele loves leading students deep into the practice of sacred chant, reveling in those magical moments when students feel the transformative power of music and mantra. Since 2021, she's shared her expertise as an instructor at the Kirtan Leader Institute through online group classes, personalized mentoring sessions, and in-person intensive workshops in Boulder, CO.

As a heart-centered musician, Michele crafts original sacred chants infused with Western rhythms and powerful mantras. Her deeply moving and inspiring compositions have been delighting live audiences since 2015, with a global reach thanks to a series of singles released from 2022 onward.

Click HERE to listen to her original chant recordings. 

What's Included

The value of Mike’s & Michele's guidance is priceless for anyone who seeks to fulfill their deep longings with Sacred Chant in an optimal way. Together they bring decades of experience with music and chanting, a deep love for Kirtan, and an unwavering dedication to help you step into the exquisite practice of sacred chant with the support of incredibly useful resources for learning all aspects of Kirtan.

You Will Receive:
  • Private Kirtan coaching sessions with your choice of Master Teacher
  • Detailed chant sheets for all of the songs you work on¬†
  • Lessons¬†for building harmonium skills quickly & easily
  • A checklist for sharing Kirtan in a yoga studio
  • Energetic/Shakti awareness practices
  • Knowledge of¬†the myths, deities, & timeless wisdom associated with each mantra you learn to¬†chant
  • Ability to choose chants to learn from our library of 250+ chant sheets
  • Teachings on the three essential conversations for sharing Kirtan publicly
  • And lots more...

INCLUDED FREE ($150 Value)

Get immediate access to the Sacred Chant Mentorship Resource Hub, an online library filled with the best educational materials Mike has gathered and created over the years - including over a dozen chant sheets & video tutorials!

What People Are Saying

"Mike has a way of teaching that makes me feel so comfortable! Learning a new instrument can be intimidating, but Mike brings fun, ease and play. His attitude and ability to break things down into simple pieces made learning to play the harmonium while chanting quite accessible. Highly recommended!"

Annie Edwards, Yoga Teacher & Business Owner

“Words cannot express how impactful this program has been for me. I can’t think of any way that Mike could have made it any more accessible or engaging, I appreciate how professional Mike was and also the warmth of his heart that comes through in all the content of the program and particularly on Zoom.  Deep bow to Mike and all who have helped create these teachings."

Reverend Shelley Dungan

"As a total beginner I never thought I'd be able to play an instrument and chant, and now I do it every day! I quickly learned to trust the Kirtan Leader Institute learning system, and it guided me through basic songs all the way through some complex and advanced Kundalini Yoga chants. It works!"

SC, Mother & Kundalini Yoga instructor

"After receiving one on one support in the Sacred Chant Mentorship, I feel confident in my training on the harmonium and now feel ready to lead Kirtan!!‚ÄĚ

Nichole Fox

"If you are new to chanting and would like to learn quickly and easily, I highly recommend Mike Cohen and Kirtan Leader Institute. "

Sonya Terry

"Mike Cohen is a seasoned pro at guiding advanced Kirtan Leaders to greater confidence in the realms of musicianship, community building, leadership and entrepreneurship. As a professional musician I felt thoroughly met and understood in the domain of music, which allowed us to focus on developing my leadership skills and entrepreneurial strategies. Highly recommended!"

Damodar Das, Music Producer, Professional Guitarist & Kirtan Leader

Are you ready to accelerate your Sacred Chant practice within a supportive mentoring relationship?

Begin your Sacred Chant Mentorship today and take your chant practice to the next level, whatever that level is for you! Please choose one of the options below.

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  • 12¬†private online sessions with KLI Founder, Mike Cohen¬†(60 mins each)
  • Sacred Chant Mentorship Resource Hub ($150 Value!)
  • Immediate access to 12 foundational chants, including chant sheets & teaching videos
  • Select¬†songs to learn from our list of 250+ chants
  • Choose¬†up to 3 brand new songs for Mike to write up
You Save $638!
Work with Mike



  • 2 private online sessions with KLI Founder, Mike Cohen¬†(60 mins each)
  • 6¬†private online sessions with KLI Teacher,¬†Michele Heaphy¬†(60 mins each)
  • Sacred Chant Mentorship Resource Hub¬†($150 Value!)
  • Immediate access to 12 foundational chants, including chant sheets & teaching videos¬†
  • Select¬†songs to learn from our list of 250+ chants
  • Choose¬†up to 2 brand new songs for Mike to write up
You Save $500!
Work with Mike + Michele


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