5 Day In-Person Intensive

TBD | Boulder, CO

Take a profound step into truly leading a full Kirtan band with confidence, grace and ease! This intimate 5 day intensive is a unique opportunity to received personal guided and support in a small group of 4-6 participants. You will learn to embody the skills & capacities required to lead a high level professional Kirtan band - plus share extraordinary Kirtan events in your community, on tour, or at festivals! Designed for advanced Kirtan practitioners - this is the immersion that changes everything.

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Learn How to Lead a Professional Band - & Establish Yourself as an Inspiring Kirtan Leader!

The learning you will experience is real, fun, profound and long lasting. As part of this program you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your embodied learning by leading a chant in a real-live public Kirtan event complete with audience, sound system, professional musicians and response singers. Join us so you can step into a safe and supportive container that keeps you right at your learning edge. If you long to share full-band Kirtan events in your community, or take a quantum leap with your Kirtan leadership skills, this Kirtan Leader intensive is for you!

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Practice Leading a Professional Kirtan Band

Uplevel your skills as you practice leading a professional band (drummer, response singer and more!). By rotating through the roles of Kirtan Leader, response singer & audience member, you'll gain valuable perspectives on the Kirtan experience. Working with processionals helps you quickly build skills necessary for leading a band, such as cueing drummers, musicians and response singers in real time ...and much more!

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Establish Yourself as an Inspiring Kirtan Leader 

Discover and gain confidence in your unique style of Kirtan Leadership so you can take groups on a potent spiritual/musical/energetic chant journey. Learn how to clarify, articulate and manifest your unique Kirtan vision in the world. Receive tools for creating full-band Kirtan events and building vibrant communities. You will emerge with vastly increased confidence, skill and grace in the role of Kirtan Leader. 

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Cultivate Advanced Skills for Leading Kirtan 

Build the skills vital to sharing this extraordinary practice with the world, including developing and strengthening your chant writing skills! Access critical teachings on the finer points of leading Kirtan events such as how to utilize audio, visual and online technology. You will also learn reliable approaches to building community, assembling a band, finding venues & setting up events - all which will be integrated in a personalized action plan for you.

PLUS... Get personalized chant writing support!

We will dedicate time for you to work on your chant writing techniques with the guidance of our experienced team. And, if you have original chants, we will help you adapt them to serve chant participants in a full band Kirtan event!





In-Person Kirtan Intensive

TBD | Boulder, CO

This intimate, personal and exclusive 30 hour training is limited to 4-6 participants who are serious about learning to lead a Kirtan band with grace, confidence & ease. The ratio of students to instructors offers each participant valuable one-on-one attention from professional Kirtan drummers, voice teachers and KLI founder Mike Cohen.

5-Day In-Person Intensive Designed for Participants who:

  • Have completed a minimum of one Kirtan Leader Institute Level 1 training, and several¬†Level 2 and Level 2.5 trainings through online courses, prior intensives or private sessions.
  • Are excited to develop their ability to lead a full Kirtan band through¬†essential teachings, real time support & feedback and a Saturday night¬†"Kirtan Leader Showcase" event.
  • Are ready to develop and embody¬†the leadership skills required to share Kirtan publicly with a high-level¬†Kirtan band & open hearted audience.
  • Optional: Want to learn how to write original chants, or have written original chants and want to learn how to adapt¬†your chants to share with a full band
Intensive Students

Plan Your Trip:

  • Food:¬†Not provided, other than coffee, water and snacks. We have lots of fridge and pantry space where you can store groceries. A list of healthy restaurants and grocery stores will be provided in the welcome email.¬†
  • Housing: Local¬†housing can be found by searching zip code 80302 on Airbnb.com or VRBO.com. Good places to rent are in N. Boulder (10 minutes away) or Lyons (10 minutes away). Longmont (20 minutes), downtown Boulder (15 minutes) and South Boulder (25 minutes) could also work.¬†
  • Flights: Fly into Denver International Airport (DIA).¬†
  • Ground transportation: From DIA you can rent a car, meet up and travel with other participants, or take a bus to Boulder. Details will be shared in the welcome email.¬†
  • Coordinating with others: All registered participants will be added to a Facebook group where they can coordinate travel,¬†housing, food, etc with others. Details will be shared in the welcome email.¬†
  • Directions:¬†will be shared in the welcome email.

Click HERE for our Colorado Intensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Join us in beautiful Boulder, CO


Your Intensive Guides & Teachers:

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Your Host: Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed thousands of aspiring and emerging Kirtan Leaders across the globe, from total beginners to dozens he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally.

A life-long musician with two decades experience developing and coaching leaders, Mike has created a curriculum that supports total newbies in quickly and easily learning to play chants from their favorite Kirtan artists (like Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur) without needing to understand or learn Western or Indian Classical music (Sargam). Training for advanced students expands beyond Musicianship into important domains such as Psycho-Spiritual Leadership, Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Chant Writing, Working with Spiritual Bypassing and more.

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Voice Instructor: Dawnia Dresser

Dawnia is a Boulder, CO based Anusara inspired yoga teacher and lifelong vocalist/musician. During her 19 years in Los Angeles, CA Dawnia co-created three albums of original folk-rock music and contributed extensively on albums and movies as a vocalist and voiceover artist. Dawnia created a 3-song EP with renowned Kirtan producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Deva Premal) to create From the Soul, an EP of soul-infused mantra music. A graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in music and vocal performance, Dawnia serves as faculty in the Boulder, CO based Kirtan Leader Institute. Her warm heart, clear and caring teaching style and soulful voice have led her to become a beloved member of the Kirtan community in CO and beyond.

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Lead Instructor: Michele Heaphy

Michele is a heart centered musician who loves to share diverse original sacred chant music with western grooves and powerful mantras. She has been a member of Mike Cohen & the Shakti Groove since 2021. Prior to moving to Boulder, she had careers as a music educator and business owner. She has been chanting and sharing kirtan since 2015.

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Rhythm Guide: Ken Matarazzo

Ken Matarazzo is a Boulder, CO based percussionist and teacher who has studied and performed on frame drums and afro cuban percussion since the mid 90’s. Some of his teachers include master drummers Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, John Amira and Jamey Haddad. Ken has collaborated with diverse artists, such as Jerry Joseph, Layne Redmond, Jim Matus and most recently Kirtan Leader Mike Cohen. Ken currently serves as faculty in the Boulder, CO based Kirtan Leader Institute and plays in The Shakti Groove.

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Rhythm Guide: David Hinojosa

David Hinojosa, a world hand percussionist specializing in Middle Eastern drums and rhythms. His passion for teaching shines through in his engagement with music students, where he not only shares his expertise in hand percussion through residency programs and masterclasses at universities across the United States but also fosters a nurturing environment for aspiring musicians to explore and grow. David's approach to music and teaching underscores the unifying power of rhythm and sound, making him a dedicated figure in the landscape of music education and cross-cultural collaboration.

What People Are Saying:

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough! My passion for Kirtan has been greatly fueled through this experience. The unique combination of leadership training and musical training truly offers a context for progressing quickly with whatever Kirtan related goals you might have. I am deeply grateful!"

‚ÄĒ SK, Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor, Kirtan Leader

"Kirtan is more than learning chords and Sanskrit words, and this intensive is where the transformation really kicks in. This training reflects the need to grow personally and spiritually to truly lead, chant and serve." 

‚ÄĒ KMK, Business Owner, Mother, Kirtan Leader

"Mike and his teachers provided an incredibly supportive environment. His professionalism, knowledge base and ability to synthesize and explain complicated topics created a wonderful opportunity for personal and musical growth. If you are truly interested in leading sacred chant, this intensive is for you!!"

‚ÄĒ MH, Musician, Artist, Business Owner, Teacher

"This intensive was deep, powerful and pervasive, and Mike's¬†passion was evident throughout. I emerged with deeper &¬†more transcendent Kirtan vision for myself and others!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ DC, Small Business Owner, Kirtan Leader

"I really loved how you supported the sovereignty of each individual participant."

‚ÄĒ AB, M.D, CO Springs, CO

"Mike, Kirtan, and my harmonium have changed my life - seriously!"

‚ÄĒ CMH, Yoga Publishing Coordinator, Yoga Teacher, Small Business Owner, Kirtan Leader

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