Level 2 Kirtan Training

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Our Level 2 Kirtan training is the perfect place for you to deepen into your sacred chant practice. You will expand your repertoire with many new and advanced chants, and receive training to strengthen your voice. You will learn to play more complex chords, begin to build a strong internal sense of rhythm, and learn how to get the most out of your harmonium. Level 2 guides you to share Kirtan with others, and empowers you to take them on a musical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional journey.

This training is perfect for you if...

- Your current repertoire of chants and chords feels limited or stale

- You're excited to start sharing Kirtan with others in a live or virtual setting

- You desire to connect with mutually passionate community members

- You're ready to do more with your harmonium, singing, and sense of rhythm, and long for guidance, support, and structure so you can make rapid progress

- You want to deepen your personal path of devotion and service to others

- You want to hear inspiring stories from Mike’s 20 years experience sharing Kirtan around the globe

- You want to deepen your personal relationship with Source

- You are excited to learn up to 30 new chants, including the 9 Chants from the Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana Practice and the Hanuman Chalisa.

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Share the Art of Sacred Chant!


Level 2 Training Details:

In our Level 2 training programs, you will significantly expand your repertoire of exquisite chants and be guided to deepen your skill and capacity with harmonium, voice, and rhythm so you can begin to share Kirtan publicly.


What You’ll Receive:

- Throughout the course of our Level 2 programs, you can learn as many as 30 new Sanskrit or Kundalini Yoga chants to practice and share with others

- Guidance for expanding your capacity on the harmonium with ornamentation, and more advanced chords and chord voicing options

- Strengthened singing ability

- Increased conceptual understanding of Kirtan and music

- Strong, devoted community of fellow Kirtan leaders

- Knowledge of how to confidently speak publicly about chants, tell stories, and share the power of Kirtan as a sacred practice


Express Your Love for Sacred Chant Through the Heart-Opening Practice of Sharing Kirtan with Others 

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Level 2 Online

Learning Kirtan online can be fun and easy when done with proper support. Our online training structure ensures a hands-on, comprehensive learning experience for all students through high-quality and easy-to-understand lessons, as well as ample amounts of clear guidance and helpful resources.


Here's how our online classes work

  1. The module opens
  2. You work with the chant sheet and teaching videos
  3. We convene at the end of the week for an optional Zoom call to review and practice the chant

If you can't make the Zoom call, you can access a recording of it (and all of the course materials) in the course 24/7 for at least a year. This means you can take the course in real time as it rolls out, or you can customize this program to meet your unique needs and timeframe. 

Online Learning Modalities:

- Detailed chant sheets for seven different songs including links to listen to the songs, written melody notes and guidance on exactly which fingers and notes to use to play the chords

- Multidimensional Kirtan Instruction: two instructional videos each week will outline the meaning of the song, show chant breakdowns and demonstrations, and lead you in guided practice

- Optional weekly Zoom calls to connect, review, practice, and explore questions with Mike and your peers

- Private/hidden Facebook group to build community within your training cohort

- Assigned buddies and dedicated time to practice together during weekly Zoom calls to provide support and encouragement

- Virtual voice training with KLI instructor Dawnia Dresser

Kundalini Yoga Chants

Learn gorgeous chants from the Kundalini Yoga lineage from artists like Snatam Kaur, Nirijan Kaur, Jai Jagadeesh, Simrit Kaur and others. These chants are sung in Gurmukhi and come from the Sikh tradition. As you learn to chant Kundalini Yoga mantras while playing beautiful songs, you will deepen your knowledge and ability around mantra, vocals, and playing the harmonium.

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Sanskrit/Bhakti Chants

Learn heart opening chants from the Bhakti Yoga lineage from artists like Krishna Das, Wah, Deva Premal, Donna De Lory, Mike Cohen, Dawnia Dresser and other Bhakti chant artists. As you learn to chant Sanskrit mantras while playing beautiful songs, you will deepen your knowledge and ability around mantra, vocals, and playing the harmonium.

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English + Mantra Mashup Chants

Learn seven chants that "mash up" English lyrics with a potent Sanskrit or Kundalini Yoga mantra. As you learn fun and accessible chants by Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Donna De Lory, Edo & Jo and others, you will deepen your knowledge and ability around mantra, vocals, and playing the harmonium.

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Healing & Ceremony Songs

Learn seven exquisite Healing & Ceremony Songs for the Divine Feminine, 5 Elements, Light/Love, Unity,  Ancestors and more. These are songs you may hear in Sound Healings, Song Circles and Breathwork, Cacao & other Ceremonies. As you learn to play and chant beautiful healing & ceremony songs, you will deepen your knowledge and ability around sacred music, vocals, and playing the harmonium.

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Level 2 Live Intensives

Scheduled for 2023 - Click HERE for Calendar

Level 2 group training intensives are for students who have completed our Level 1 training and have engaged with some or all of our Level 2 online classes. These four-day live events are held in Boulder, Colorado and are perfect for experienced Kirtan leaders who want to deepen their home chant practice and learn how to share sacred chant with others. 


What You’ll Receive:

- Twenty hours of hands-on training and instruction with Mike Cohen, two assistant instructors, and one to two percussion instructors

- Detailed chant sheets for all chants we learn during the intensive

- Rhythm workshop with a professional percussion instructor

- Vocal workshop with professional voice instructor, Dawnia Dresser

- Training so you can begin to build a strong center and the ability to hold space and stay grounded as you share Kirtan

- Opportunity to lead an audience in a chant with support from a professional band in our Kirtan leader potluck and jam session 

- Free admission to Mike Cohen + The Shakti Groove concert

- Breakfast and coffee/tea for the duration of your stay

- Community of devoted Kirtan Leaders and our warm, caring KLI staff

- Training for holding the three conversations required to share Kirtan publicly

- Physical or digital copies of Mike’s four albums, a 30-page handout on Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga, and other useful support materials

- Post-session teleconference to debrief program

- Did you know we have a  limited number of very affordable onsite guest rooms onsite, where the training is held?

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Students Singing Our Praises

"The Level 2 Kundalini Class was a joy!

It was fun to meet weekly and get to know other members in the class via the weekly Zoom calls.

This course was good for me musically and spiritually, and I look forward to growing as a Kirtan musician in upcoming classes!"

Matthew Packer, Level 2 KLI Student

Matthew Packer
Music Director and Singer, Pianist, Composer

"The Level 2 class has been so enjoyable. I learned so much and I love all the songs!

Mike makes it very easy to learn new songs with step by step directions. He also lets us know ways to make the chants more interesting.

I look forward to many more classes with Mike."

Jane Slotnick, Level 2 KLI Student

Jane Slotnick
Meditation Instructor, Kirtan Leader and Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed thousands of aspiring and emerging Kirtan Leaders across the globe, from total beginners to dozens he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally.

A life-long musician with two decades experience developing and coaching leaders, Mike has created a curriculum that supports total newbies in quickly and easily learning to play chants from their favorite Kirtan artists (like Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur) without needing to understand or learn Western or Indian Classical music (Sargam). Training for advanced students expands beyond Musicianship into important domains such as Psycho-Spiritual Leadership, Community Building, Entrepreneurship, and Minimizing Spiritual Bypassing. Advanced training is rooted in the principles of Waking Up (Spiritual Practice), Growing Up (Psychological Practice), Cleaning Up (Shadow Work) and Opening Up (Multiple Intelligences) so we can Show Up fully; and includes teachings and practices from discourses such as Somatics, the Enneagram of Personality, Integral Theory, Ontology, Integral Unfolding, the Dattatreya lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, and more.

Mike has released four critically-acclaimed full length Kirtan albums, the most recent two with Grammy Award-nominated producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Deva Premal). Mike has articulated a cutting edge Integral Approach to Kirtan and is in the process of writing and sharing this rich body of material.

For well over a decade, Mike has toured North America, offering accessible and potent Kirtan events in yoga studios, healing centers and at yoga/chant festivals. In 2014 he had the honor of opening up for Krishna Das at Bhakti Fest Midwest. Mike lives in Boulder, CO where he leads Kirtan and trains Kirtan Leaders to share the exquisite practice of sacred chant. More at www.KirtanLeader.com

Meet Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed thousands of Kirtan Leaders across the globe, from total beginners to dozens he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally.

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