The KLI Approach to Kirtan Education

Just as there is a difference between a yoga class, a yoga retreat, and a yoga teacher training, there is also a difference between being a participant who is chanting with others, and being someone who is trained to chant at home, and share Kirtan with others. At Kirtan Leader Institute, our programs are like a yoga teacher training as we are 100% committed to helping you build the skills and capacities required to access and share this incredible practice. While fun experiences are useful, we prioritize skill building in all of our Kirtan training programs. Our trainings provide inspiring experiences that also generate deep and embodied learning.
Our teaching methodology is designed to first meet you exactly where you are. We then show you exactly what to do in granular detail. The result? You will be chanting one or more songs after your very first lesson. Our tried and true sequencing will gradually lead you from the foundational lessons in playing a harmonium, to playing more complex and musically interesting chants, to learning vital lessons in leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
Our teaching methods, combined with real-time feedback and support from our team, make it so you never feel in over your head, ready to quit or stagnant in your growth.

4 Levels ofĀ Kirtan Leader Institute Training

Level 1 - Chant

Students in our Level 1 class have an ambition to chant at home. Students get on a harmonium (or keyboard or piano) so they can build a repertoire of seven gorgeous songs by their favorite Kirtan artists they can play and sing with ease. In this class, we offer constant support, real-time feedback and a plentitude of intuitive, easy-to-grasp teachings so you can learn to play your first chants even if you've never touched an instrument!

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Level 2 - Share

Students in our Level 2 class have an ambition to share Kirtan with others. At this level students learn more advanced chants from the Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti/Sanskrit lineages. They learn how to coordinate with yoga studios and teachers for events, talk about Kirtan publicly, execute more interesting chord progressions, and generate musical interest as they play the same chant multiple ways.

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Level 3 - Lead

Students in our Level 3 class have the ambition to lead their own Kirtan band and write original chants. At this level students learn to play even more advanced chants, write their own songs, strengthen their leadership, build their inner sense of rhythm, and sharpen their skills on harmonium and with vocals. They focus on how to play in good time and have the option to learn to write chants (online) or learn to play with a drummer (live). Students learn to develop their leadership skills so they are empowered to hold the center during a full-band Kirtan event.

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Level 4 - Professional

Students in our Level 4 class have the ambition to share Kirtan with the world. At this level students are ready to build regional, national and international community, and invest in the process of recording and sharing their music with the world. They learn how to make their original chants "album ready", how to assemble their bands and book tours, and the vital elements of entrepreneurship and leadership that are essential for becoming a well established Kirtan Leader.

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Quality Kirtan Education Online

Teaching Kirtan online can seem like a daunting and even impossible task. However, our team has gone to great lengths to ensure that our online training programs are just as effective and supportive as our live programs. We have translated the curriculum and methodology we have perfected over the last 11 years into our online program.

At the start of each week, we provide teaching videos and a chant sheet which students then practice for the full week. We come together as a group at the end of each week to review, practice, connect, and address any questions. A private Facebook group and assigned buddies allow for each student to build community and easily find support on their path.

We desire success for all of our students, so we work hard to ensure they receive everything they need. For this reason, Mike Cohen is present in each class to offer real-time feedback and guidance so students can embody and enact these teachings on a deep level.

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