Level 3 Kirtan Training

Lead Your Own Kirtan Band

Write Your Own Original Chants


Our Level 3 Kirtan trainings are the perfect next step for Kirtan Leaders who long to lead a Kirtan band with skill and ease. These programs create a perfect holding environment for you to build embodiment with the most critical skills required to successfully lead your Kirtan band and produce community Kirtan events.

In these advanced trainings, you will expand your repertoire with even more beautiful and complex chants while also learning how to write your own chants and how to deepen your harmonium and vocal skills. But your learning doesn't stop there! You will also extend your understanding of musical theory, learn to cue and lead a drummer and response singers, understand how to build your own vibrant community of musicians, venues, advocates, and chant participants, and ultimately, cultivate your capacity to lead yourself and your band while successfully holding space for all participants during live or virtual Kirtan events.

This training is perfect for you if...

- You have been playing Kirtan by yourself, or just a few others, and feel ready to share with a bigger audience 

- You recognize the countless details that go into holding a successful chant event and want the professional support to ensure your events are successful

- You're excited about the opportunity to show up in the Kirtan community as a leader

- You long to create deeply transformative chant experiences

- You realize the transition into leading chant events is a big one and warrants guidance from someone with extensive experience

- You are ready to move beyond playing covers into writing your own original chants.

Lead Your Very Own Chant Events!


Level 3 Training Details: 

In these advanced training programs, you will stand on the strong foundation you built in previous levels and develop your ability to lead Kirtan events, build relevant communities, write original chants, and offer the strong leadership required to lead groups through transformative sacred chant experiences.


What You’ll Receive:

- Expanded repertoire of even more beautiful and advanced chants

- Foundational understanding of how to write your own chants

- Guidance around assembling and leading a band that will play together long term

- The necessary business skills needed to create and execute your own successful chant events

- Confidence in your ability to lead full band Kirtan events

- A way to build an intimate relationship with Source

- Inspiring stories from Mike's 20 years experience with the practice of promoting and leading Kirtan events

- The amazing joy of leading a band and an audience into profound states of ecstasy

- Practices and insights to build greater skill with vocals, harmonium and rhythm

-  Embodied ability to cue drummers, musicians and response singers in real time

- A holding space in which you can fast track your development as a Kirtan leader without making critical and costly mistakes with musicians, venues and your community of chant participants 

- Guidance and practices for growing your public identity and Kirtan community 


Step Into the Next Phase of Leadership and

Your Own Kirtan Journey 

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Students Singing Our Praises

"Mike and the KLI crew provide an incredibly supportive environment where I felt comfortable exploring and sharing.

Mike’s professionalism, knowledge base and ability to synthesize and explain complicated topics and information created a wonderful opportunity for both personal and musical growth.

If you are interested in diving into the world of chant, mantra and music the Kirtan Leader Institute programs are life changing!"

Michele Heaphy, Level 3 KLI Student

Michele Heaphy
Artist, Small Business Owner, Kirtan Leader
and Music Educator

"I had wanted to learn to chant and lead for years with no idea where to beginThanks to Mike’s expertise both in Kirtan leading and teaching, I’ve been able to develop my skills to chant alone and lead others.

Level 3 was particularly helpful...  With the group’s inspiration and encouragement,  I wrote and performed my first original chant during Level 3.

I felt inspired and ignited by working with so many skilled and kind Kirtan Leaders who led and participated in the course.”

Leah Pearlman, Level 3 KLI Student

Leah Pearlman
Artist, Leadership Coach and Yogi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed thousands of aspiring and emerging Kirtan Leaders across the globe, from total beginners to dozens he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally.

A life-long musician with two decades experience developing and coaching leaders, Mike has created a curriculum that supports total newbies in quickly and easily learning to play chants from their favorite Kirtan artists (like Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur) without needing to understand or learn Western or Indian Classical music (Sargam). Training for advanced students expands beyond Musicianship into important domains such as Psycho-Spiritual Leadership, Community Building, Entrepreneurship, and Minimizing Spiritual Bypassing. Advanced training is rooted in the principles of Waking Up (Spiritual Practice), Growing Up (Psychological Practice), Cleaning Up (Shadow Work) and Opening Up (Multiple Intelligences) so we can Show Up fully; and includes teachings and practices from discourses such as Somatics, the Enneagram of Personality, Integral Theory, Ontology, Integral Unfolding, the Dattatreya lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, and more.

Mike has released four critically-acclaimed full length Kirtan albums, the most recent two with Grammy Award-nominated producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Deva Premal). Mike has articulated a cutting edge Integral Approach to Kirtan and is in the process of writing and sharing this rich body of material.

For well over a decade, Mike has toured North America, offering accessible and potent Kirtan events in yoga studios, healing centers and at yoga/chant festivals. In 2014 he had the honor of opening up for Krishna Das at Bhakti Fest Midwest. Mike lives in Boulder, CO where he leads Kirtan and trains Kirtan Leaders to share the exquisite practice of sacred chant. More at www.KirtanLeader.com

Meet Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed thousands of Kirtan Leaders across the globe, from total beginners to dozens he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally.

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