Launch Your Home Chant Practice with a 26 Heart Opening Chants

5 Self-Paced Online Courses Included!!!

Learn how to play chants by your favorite Western Kirtan artists through step-by-step instructions. Tap into the practical wisdom of the beloved yogic deities as you launch your home chant practice in a fun & easy way.

For Kirtan Beginners & Chant Explorers with a Harmonium

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Everything You Need to Launch Your Self-Paced Home Chant Practice!

This package is truly the ULTIMATE for anyone wishing to build a strong foundation for their Kirtan practice on their own time. Shift your life through the myths, wisdom and mantras of 5 essential yogic deities, build your confidence through tips on playing your harmonium and sharing your voice, open and clear your chakras with Bija seed mantras and English affirmations, expand your practice by learning chants by Western Kirtan artists, and more.

Learn 26 Chants

Build your repertoire of chants by learning mantras for your 7 chakras, chants for 5 for the most beloved yogic deities, as well as 7 chants by Western Kirtan artists! Learn with our super easy format with downloadable chant sheets and overhead view videos of chant breakdowns and guided practice.

9 Essential Deities

Get a "5D" immersion through the myth, mantra, chant, embodiment meditation, and life lesson for nine beloved yogic deities: Ganesha, Sita + Ram + Hanuman, Krishna & Radha, Kali & Durga and Shiva! Integrate the energy of these deities as you shift your mood into love and gratitude.

Expand Your Kirtan Practice

Build confidence as you grow your Kirtan skills, launch your home chant practice, and perhaps share what you've learned with others! Learn how to get the most out of your harmonium through tips and tricks for playing your instrument with ease. Plus, strengthen your voice through vocal yoga, warmups, and breathing techniques.

...All on your own time!

Are you ready to build a solid foundation for your Kirtan practice as you expand your repertoire of chants?

Are you ready to dive into learning how to play your harmonium with confidence as you chant for yourself,

Are you a Kirtan lover, yoga teacher, or aspiring Kirtan Leader looking to learn new chants, and begin your journey and, perhaps, one day share Kirtan with others?

Then you are in the right place. We have designed this ULTIMATE KIRTAN PACKAGE with you in mind.

Based on 14 years of working with students, from total newbies to total professionals, we've organized a perfectly curated compilation of courses to get you on your Kirtan path.

Start by getting familiar with your harmonium, how to play it correctly, and troubleshoot any problems that arise with our helpful tutorials. Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of playing your harmonium, learning to play your instrument while you chant is fun and easy!

Next, increase your vocal confidence by learning breathing exercises, vocal yoga, stretches, and more so you can strengthen your singing and become more comfortable expressing your voice.

Then, with our accessible and super user friendly teaching methods, you will easily learn 26 amazing chants! Start with 7 Sanskrit Bija seed mantras & English affirmations your chakras, 5 chants for some of the most beloved yogic deities, and 7 more chants by top Western Kirtan artists.

Best of all, you will learn to access the wisdom and integrate the energy of the 26 chants for more ease, peace, love, and connection with the Divine.

What's Included:

Kirtan for the 21st Century

Discover the origins of Kirtan, how it came to the West, and why it is so important for addressing breakdowns present in modern day Western culture. Access a downloadable guidebook to navigate your way through our amazing online & in-person Kirtan Leader courses with founder, Mike Cohen. Plus, explore two curated Spotify Kirtan playlists with over 20 hours of exquisite chants by Western Kirtan artists.

6 Videos | PDF Guidebook


Harmonium 101

The "Game Changing" course for unlocking your harmonium's potential and yours! Step-by-step tutorials on how to open, close and set up your harmonium, plus guidance for troubleshooting and solving common problems on your own. Learn how to play your harmonium with comfort and ease, and lots more!

9 Videos | Downloadable PDFs & Mp3

$40 $20

Chanting for Your Chakras

De-mystify the 7 chakras with practical tools for your inner journey! Learn 7 Sanskrit Bija seed sound mantras & 7 English affirmations for all 7 chakras. Feel more energized, peaceful, and balanced by aligning and opening all 7 chakras. Strengthen and build confidence with your voice through breathing exercises, vocal yoga, stretches, and more! 

6 Videos | Downloadable PDFs & Mp3

$47 $27

En(chant) Your Life

Get a "5D" immersion through the myth, mantra, chant, embodiment meditation, and life lessons for 9 beloved yogic deities: Ganesha, Sita + Ram + Hanuman, Krishna & Radha, Kali & Durga, Shiva and more!

32 Videos | Downloadable PDFs

$495 $99

Level 1 Self-Paced

Launch your home chant practice with 7 chants from the Bhakti/Sanskrit, & Kundalini Yoga traditions. Increase your chanting and harmonium skills, deepen your devotion, and connect with the flow of love from the Divine.

32 Videos | Downloadable PDFs

$399 $250

FREE Private 60 min. Session

Get personalized support to navigate your Ultimate Package & Kirtan journey. Get answers to your questions, and feedback on your progress from class material. Learn a new chant, expand your vocal confidence, and more!

$150 FREE

Book with KLI Founder, Mike Cohen, or KLI Teacher, Michele Heaphy.

What's Included:

What Makes Us Different:

At Kirtan Leader Institute, we make learning fun and easy. Our courses simplify and streamline the most USEFUL information making learning extraordinarily accessible for students of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Since our goal is to make your learning experience as easy as possible, in our system you don’t need to read or understand Western Music or Indian classical music (Sargam). We have designed our programs so they are approachable even for those with zero musical background. If you DO have a musical background, you’re going to really appreciate how elegantly we've put everything together!

Our learning is sequenced in a finely tuned way. So, instead of taking one giant leap, we guide you to take small steps, adding a slight challenge along the way, each of which builds upon the previous one. Why? Nobody likes to be thrown into a chant where they feel like they are in way over their head. By learning in this step-by-step way, at the the end, students find themselves saying "I can't believe I am doing this musically complex chant - and it's so easy!"

We have carefully distilled the primary elements of Kirtan so you can quickly and easily bring the energy and wisdom of Sacred Chant into your life without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated.

We are known for our dedication to making the learning process a fun, interactive, and results focused experience for YOU.

What People Are Saying...

"I'm blown away! My harmonium just arrived, and I wanted to start playing it ASAP. This course set me up in the perfect way - from the harmonium tutorials, to the step-by-step chanting demos, to the vocal warmups. You guys really thought of everything a chant lover would need. Thanks a million!"


"I've taken other Kirtan trainings in the past and after going through this course, I can whole heartedly say you have PERFECTED the Kirtan learning process. This is the best Kirtan package out there and it comes at an incredible price. Don't wait, just buy it and start chanting. 10/10 recommend."

Yoga Teacher

"I have been so nervous to start learning how to play my harmonium, but this program changed everything for me. The way that everything was presented made it soo easy to learn the chants, figure out where to put your fingers, pump the bellows, etc. The unexpected bonus was actually getting better at singing too!"

Massage Therapist


For Beginners


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  • 5 On-Demand Virtual Courses with Videos, Mp3's, & Written Content
  • FREE Private 60 min. Session with KLI Instructor
  • Kirtan for the 21st Century + KLI Guidebook
  • Harmonium 101
  • Chanting for Your Chakras
  • En(chant) Your Life
  • Level 1 Self-Paced
  • ...and more!

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Meet Your Instructor

Since 2010, Mike Cohen, MA, has supported thousands of chant fans on their journey into Kirtan Leadership. Each year, Mike and his team train hundreds of Kirtan Leaders through his Kirtan Leader Institute—from total beginners, to those who share Kirtan with others, and even some who go on to lead bands, create albums, tour and play festivals!

His proven system (which bypasses the need to read or understand Western or Indian music or music theory) quickly and easily guides students to chant at home and share with others in a way that makes intuitive sense to those with no musical background.

Mike loves teaching students how to play chants on harmonium, guiding them how to build Somatic Awareness & Shakti Awareness, and helping them access deep wisdom through myth in a way that's both relevant & invaluable for our modern times. In 2020, Mike released his fourth full-length Kirtan album with Grammy nominated producer Ben Leinbach. Mike lives in Boulder, CO with his partner Martha. He is committed to sharing Kirtan and teaching people how to chant at home and share sacred chant with others.

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