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Chanting and Your Chakras

One of the most interesting and useful tools for to understand the human energy system is the ancient Yogic system of the chakras. The chakra system has gained popularity in the West thanks to Anodea Judith (check out her Eastern Body, Western Mind) and others. 

Folks frequently ask, what are chakra mantras? Or, what are mantras for all seven chakras? 

Before we go there, let's start by describing the chakra system. According to this system, the human body has seven main energy centers, or chakras. These are situated along the spine, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

The Sanskrit word chakra means "wheel." When our chakras are open/unblocked they are like wheels of free-flowing positive energy. Energy can run through them freely, harmoniously integrating body, mind and spirit.

Since our chakras are not always open, there's an interest in learning how to unblock them. Tools for unblocking chakras include diet, color, chakra meditation, yoga poses, breath work, chanting and more.

How can we specifically use chanting to unblock, balance and open our chakras? 

The first of three lessons in our Free Course teaches folks how to chant a Bija seed sound for each of the seven chakras. A Bija seed sound (or Bija mantra) is a concentrated vibration consisting of a single syllable that acts on a specific chakra.

As you'll see in the table below, each chakra has an associated Sanskrit name, location, Bija seed sound and English affirmation, which can also be useful.

If what I'm sharing intrigues or excites you, I encourage you to register for our Free Class. This class will share an overview of the chakra system and you will learn seven key things to know about each chakra. In addition, you'll be guided through a practice (with or without a harmonium) for chanting the Bija Seed Sound and English affirmation for each of your seven chakras.

More important that understanding about the chakras is experiencing the unblocking of your chakras. Head to the class to step into practice so you can experience how it works for yourself. 


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