Three Levels of Quality with the New & Improved Bhava Harmoniums


It's a great time to be in the market for a new harmonium, or an upgrade as Old Delhi Music has just overhauled it's Bhava Harmonium line!

Learn more by checking out this video clip from a recent interview with harmonium maker and Old Delhi Music founder Nic Dillon. In this clip Nic and I talk about the new & improved instruments. 

And... here are a few key things to know.

1. Bhava harmoniums come in four shapes

  • The Bhava Lite (Travel) is super lightweight and portable, does not fold down and has a rich tone and good sustain. This minimalist harmonium has 32 keys and is built to travel.
  • The Bhava Mini is slightly larger and heavier than the Lite, but still highly portable as it folds down. It has a robust tone and excellent sustain. This 32 key harmonium is also built to travel and easily fits into an airplane overhead.
  • The Bhava Classic is a 42 key harmonium that is larger and heavier than the other two, but still portable as it folds down. It has a great tone and extra long sustain and still fits in an airplane overhead.
  • The Bhava Studio is a 42 key harmonium that does not collapse. Perfect for putting in one place and leaving it there (your home, recording studio, yoga studio) slightly larger and heavier, but still highly portable as it folds down. This instrument has a rich tone and an incredibly long sustain.

2. Each of these harmoniums now comes in three levels of quality (aka good, better and best!):

  • Standard - pine wood. 
  • Limited - cedar wood. 
  • Concert - teak wood. No nails used in assembly. 

Here are a few key facts about each of the quality levels. 

  • The Standard Edition comes with pine construction, chrome hardware components and a smooth, durable matte finish.
  • The Limited Edition has chic design elements, a warm tone, and a distinctive appearance. Enjoy the solid cedar construction, satin brass hardware, beautiful wooden intake and gorgeous coloration
  • The Concert Edition comes with solid teak construction, smooth durable wood finish, antique brass hardware, heirloom quality and dovetail joints (eliminates need for nails) which allows for greater wood resonance. 

3. A harmonium can be tuned two ways:

  • Concert - A-440 (no extra charge)
  • Cosmic - A-432 (service fees apply)

4. All harmoniums come with a padded gig bag (carry case).

Wow, that's a lot of options. Want a recommendation?

What usually works best for most Kirtan leaders is a Bhava Mini, tuned to A-440. Any level of quality is good. That said, you may want to reach out to Nic at Old Delhi Music so he can help you find the perfect harmonium to fit your unique needs.  

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