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2024 Kirtan Events in Boulder, CO

kirtan music Dec 31, 2023

Here's our Kirtan schedule for the first half of 2024. (Last updated 12/31/23).

  • January 28 - Sunday Night (Bhakti Shakti) Kirtan at Vali Soul in Boulder, CO
  • February 10 - Second Saturday Kirtan at ...
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2023 Kirtan Events in Boulder, CO - Mike Cohen and The Shakti Groove

bhakti yoga kirtan music May 12, 2023
Excited that we've booked Kirtan events in Boulder through the end of 2023.

Come chant your heart open:

  • July 22 (Nevei Kodesh)
  • August 19 (Mountain Home)
  • September 15 (StarHouse)
  • October 1 with Bhakti Shakti Kirtan (Vali Soul...
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Fresh Tracks

Artists, including Kirtan artists, write, record and release original music... aka fresh tracks.

Back in the day we made albums. Forty or so minutes of music on good old vinyl.

Next came CD's. Still physical, and very durable....

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