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How and When to Purchase a Portable Sound System

As Kirtan Leaders begin to share Kirtan more broadly they may feel the need to incorporate a sound system into their events. This blog post offers some initial ideas on how to do this. However, please don't take anything I...

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What is Mantra?

Here's an excerpt on Mantra from my 30 page booklet titled Bhakti & Beyond

In Kirtan, we chant Sanskrit phrases of praise to the Divine called mantras. Mantra is a Sanskrit term with multiple meanings. Author...

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The Power of Kirtan

Kirtan is a mystery.

We chant mantras (words/syllables) and incredible things happen such as:

  1. We feel more connected to our self, and others. 
  2. We feel a connection with the Divine. 
  3. Essential qualities of presence,...
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Kirtan and Yoga

I frequently receive questions about the connection between Kirtan and yoga, which is confusing for many. Below are a few thoughts. 

  1. While most in the West associate yoga with physical postures (asana), yoga has...
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The Art of Kirtan

Krishna Das popped into Google in 2017 to deliver an hour long talk and chant session. 

Click HERE to learn from a master about the Art of Kirtan

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2023 Kirtan Events in Boulder, CO - Mike Cohen and The Shakti Groove

bhakti yoga kirtan music May 12, 2023
Excited that we've booked Kirtan events in Boulder through the end of 2023.

Come chant your heart open:

  • July 22 (Nevei Kodesh)
  • August 19 (Mountain Home)
  • September 15 (StarHouse)
  • October 1 with Bhakti Shakti Kirtan (Vali Soul...
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Details and links coming soon. 

ON DEMAND CLASSES  - start when you like, available 24/7.

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Official Shiva Prayer Music Video



Fire & Destruction

December 30, 2021 was a terrifying day in Boulder, Colorado, where my partner and I live. Ninety percent of Boulder County was in severe or extreme drought, and we...

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