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Kirtan and Yoga

I frequently receive questions about the connection between Kirtan and yoga, which is confusing for many. Below are a few thoughts. 

  1. While most in the West associate yoga with physical postures (asana), yoga has...
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The Power of Kirtan

Kirtan is a mystery.

We chant mantras (words/syllables) and incredible things happen such as:

  1. We feel more connected to our self, and others. 
  2. We feel a connection with the Divine. 
  3. Essential qualities of presence,...
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The Art of Kirtan

Krishna Das popped into Google in 2017 to deliver an hour long talk and chant session. 

Click HERE to learn from a master about the Art of Kirtan

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What is Mantra?

Here's an excerpt on Mantra from my 30 page booklet titled Bhakti & Beyond

In Kirtan, we chant Sanskrit phrases of praise to the Divine called mantras. Mantra is a Sanskrit term with multiple meanings. Author...

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