Healing Your Personality Type through Enneagram Transformations

The Enneagram is a personality type system that illuminates nine patterns of how people see the world, behave and manage their emotions, as well as what they seek (are motivated by) and their deepest fears and desires. While the Enneagram helps us understand what makes us tick, is it also a tool for profound transformation. 

Enneagram Transformations by Don Richard Riso is a beautiful little book that packs a punch by offering “releases and affirmations for healing your personality type.” 

See below for a release and affirmation for each type. 

Type 1

  • I now release driving myself and others to be perfect. 
  • I now affirm that I am gentle and forgiving of myself and compassionate and forgiving of others. 

Type 2

  • I now release expecting others to repay my help in the way I want.  
  • I now affirm my gratitude for all that others have given me. 

Type 3

  • I now release feeling that I must conceal my mistakes and limitations. 
  • I now affirm that I can reveal my real self without being afraid. 

Type 4

  • I now release feeling that I am inadequate and defective. 
  • I now affirm that I love myself and treat myself gently. 

Type 5

  • I now release believing that no one can be depended on. 
  • I now affirm that I have faith in the future and in human beings. 

Type 6

  • I now release being suspicious of others and thinking the worst of them. 
  • I now affirm that I act courageously in all circumstances. 

Type 7

  • I now release always feeling that I need more. 
  • I now affirm that I care deeply about people and am committed to their happiness. 

Type 8

  • I now release my fear that others will control me. 
  • I now affirm that I love others and ask for their love in return. 

Type 9

  • I now release ignoring problems until they become overwhelming. 
  • I now affirm the I am aware and alert to the world around me. 

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