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How to Start Chanting

faqs kirtan education Sep 27, 2019

A frequent question I receive is, how do I start chanting?  

Here are a few thoughts on how to begin.

  1. Know that chanting is for everyone. Chanting isn't singing. Singing is for professionals. Chanting is for everyone. Chanting is your birthright. 
  2. Create space from your inner critic. You may have had folks say you're not a good singer. You may have an inner critical part that says you don't have a "good"" voice. See if you can create space from these parts so you can give chanting a try. 
  3. Start at home, alone. Ease into the practice. Start by chanting at home, alone, with a recording. When you feel comfortable start chanting in a group. Be one of the many geese in the gaggle, the fish in the school. There's no need to stand out. Strive to be in the middle of the chant as it happens. 
  4. Get a harmonium and chant at home. Get a great harmonium, and access guidance so you can be empowered to chant at home. This way you can access the good Kirtan vibes 24/7 for the rest of your life. 

It's natural to be a little anxious, and excited,  when starting something new. The cool thing about chanting is that as soon as you start the mantras start working on you. Before you know it you'll feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, open and energized. 


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