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Lineage: Swami Kaleshwar

In 2007 I was extremely fortunate to stumble across the lineage of Sri Kaleshwar. Before he left his body in 2012 I was able to experience his presence in person both in Laytonville, CA and during four programs held in Penukonda India from 2009-11. From 2007 until today I have had the extreme good fortune of spending an extraordinary amount of time with Sri Kaleshwar’s very first Western students.

During these years I participated in many deep and rigorous spiritual processes based around mantra and yantra, some of which I have been engaged with for over a decade. Along the way I received certification as a teacher within this lineage. I continue a daily practice to cultivate Shakti, and I utilize many of the techniques in which I was trained in my daily life and as part of the practice of leading Kirtan. Kaleshwar’s lineage includes Jesus, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. His teachings involve Parashakti (Lalita) and Dattatreya, among others.


Here is a link to some of Sri Kaleshwar’s “Golden Statements” on Spiritual Mastery.


From his website: “Sri Kaleshwar’s mission is to change the way spirituality is practiced—to bring a new level of spirituality to all mankind—one that will bring happiness to every person’s heart—one that will change the world’s belief system. This is his duty, his dharma. Everything he does is to fulfill this pledge.” Here is a link to learn more about Sri Kaleshwar and his mission.


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