Live, Love and Leave

I frequently see confusion arising around the LEVEL’S in our school, which are distinct from the CLASSES and INTENSIVES we offer. The confusion tends to show up when students are looking to take our Level 2 or Level 3 programs.

Classes and Levels

Typically, a class is something you take and then move on to the next one. Psych 101 leads to Psych 201.

A level is a developmental terrain which, in the words of Ken Wilber, you LOVE (Brahma/enter), LIVE (Vishnu/move through) and LEAVE (Shiva/exit).

You are only ready to depart once you have completed the requisite developmental tasks and built the required proficiencies for that particular level. You exit a level based on competencies you have embodied, not on completion of a particular program.

Level 1 – Launch Your Home Chant Practice

The goal of Level 1 is to help you launch your home chant practice. Our Level 1 consists of seven songs and can be traversed through a series of private coaching sessions or a six-week class, depending on the skill and background a student possesses. And, we’ve had students who have lived into the Level 1 terrain two or three times before feeling ready to move on.

Level 2 – Learn to Share Kirtan with Others

The goal of Level 2 is to help you learn to share Kirtan with others. Level 2 is a MUCH bigger territory which students can explore for months and years before being ready to move on. A six week Level 2 class or 3-day in person intensive provides ENTRY into Level 2. At that point one LIVES through this level, which takes time, engagement and patience. We’ve had students who have spent multiple years deepening into Level 2 before choosing to move on.

Level 3 – Learn to Lead a Kirtan Band and Write Original Chants

The goal of Level 3 is to help you learn to lead a Kirtan band and write original chants. Level 3 is a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH bigger terrain than Level 2. It requires much deeper skills and capacities in all the areas covered in Level 2, and it demands many new skills and capacities. It’s not uncommon for students to be in this Level for multiple years before truly being ready to step into Level 4.

A Few Ways to Understand Levels

  • Each level is LOVE -> LIVE -> LEAVE
  • For each level you (i) Brahma (enter new territory) -> (ii) Vishnu (explore new territory) -> (iii) Shiva (master territory and prepare to depart for the next level).
  • Each level is a journey from:
    • Beginner ->
    • Minimally Competent ->
    • Highly Competent


There’s no point in rushing through a level so you can get on to the next one. That’s a good sign that spiritual bypassing is at work and that your personality is aggressively pushing you forward in an effort to achieve, to get “there.” If you notice this, please try to be patient. Remember that what you learn in one level builds the foundation you need to enter into, and move through, the next level. The quickest and best way to get "there" is to land fully where you are right now.


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