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Top 7 Reasons Music Doesn’t Have To Be An Obstacle

Music is magic. For many of us music delivers the most awe inspiring experiences of being  fully alive and fully human. All humans have an innate desire to bond with our tribe through chanting, clapping and dancing. Those who have discovered mantra (which is also magic) and Kirtan (magic squared!) are blessed to have found an extraordinarily beautiful form of music which is simultaneously an incredibly accessible, reliable and dutiful spiritual practice. 

Many chant fans feel so moved by the open heartedness and joy they experience through Kirtan that they long to learn how to chant at home. Are you one such person? 

Unfortunately, in our culture learning how to play music is all too often presented in ways are intimidating and feel overly complicated. The way it is presented leaves us unable to connect with, let alone create, what we found so deeply intimate and touching.

Know what? It doesn’t have to be this way. For 10 years I’ve been teaching chant fans to chant mantras and play music on harmonium, and have found a way to do this that is fun, easy and intuitive!

The best news is that you don’t have to learn to read music (Western or Indian) and you don’t have to learn to understand music theory (Western or Indian). We show you exactly what to play on the harmonium in such an easy to navigate system that you will be chanting songs from your favorite chant artists (and accompanying yourself on the harmonium) in your very first lesson! 

Intrigued? Inspired? 

Read on for seven reasons why music doesn’t have to be an obstacle to learning to chant at home!

  1. The Harmonium Sounds Amazing From Day One

Unlike most instruments a good harmonium sounds amazing from Day One. You won’t spend years working hard to just get a decent sound. You get a great sound from your first note. The harmonium is the ultimate “immediate gratification” instrument! 

  1. You Don’t Need to Know Western Music Theory or How to Read Music. 

Reading music is complicated and confusing, as is trying to understand Western Music Theory. Imagine trying to also learn how to read and understand Indian Music – ouch! These obstacles will defiantly make launching a home chant practice much more difficult than it need be. And, they are unnecessary! 

We have developed a super simple system that allows you to avoid the confusion associated with music theory and the hassle of learning to read music. This will also you to quickly step into playing the exquisitely heart opening chants you love so much. 

  1. You Don’t Need to Know Sargam (Indian Music) 

Like Western musical systems, Sargam (Indian Musical Theory/Solfege) is also complicated and confusing and makes launching a home chant practice unnecessarily difficult. Even worse, it points you to practicing scales at home by yourself – many find this to be both tedious and isolating. Our system allows you to avoid the confusion of Indian Music Theory so you can quickly step into playing the chants that touch your heart so deeply. You’ll learn songs that will open your heart, and soon may even be sharing them with others!

  1. Our Detailed Chant Sheets Show/Tell You Exactly What to Play

At Kirtan Leader Institute we show you “how to” play the harmonium while chanting in many ways including chant sheets that show/tell you EXACTLY what to chant and play. 

There’s NO need to spend time “learning about” chords, Sargam, reading music or any other confusing system of musical theory or notation. You just start chanting right away! Our system is clear and intuitive, and shows you exactly which notes and fingers to use to make your favorite chants sound great with minimal effort. Our system won’t leave you sitting at home practicing scales alone. Rather it will allow you to access the energy and beautiful of your favorite chants, and (if you choose) share them with others!

5. Chanting is Something You Do, Not Learn About

Our goal is to help you start chanting at home (and sharing with others) ASAP. We don’t want to teach you “about” music. We teach students “how to,” not “about.” Let’s dive right in to practice (and avoid theory) so we can quickly increase the number of happy chanters in the world!

6. Your Favorite Chants Have Very Accessible Melodies

A good chant melody is highly accessible. Most of our favorite chants are so simple to sing along with, they could easily be turned into a nursery rhyme. This makes picking up the melody very easy. The fact that we detail exactly how to sing the melody for each chant makes it even easier for you to get started. 

7. No Musical Background is Required to Step into Chanting at Home

I’ve been training Kirtan Leaders of all levels since 2010, from total beginners to professionals who tour, play at festivals and make chant albums. Over and over I see beginners arrive with no musical background, anxiety about their voice and no experience playing a musical instrument. Within a single session – using our proven system – they have learned to chant and play (on harmonium) several beautiful and heart opening songs from their favorite Kirtan artists. It’s so easy, and so much fun!

Ready to start chanting? Here are three things you can do right now:

1. Click HERE to chant along with Om Shanti Om, one of my most accessible and most beloved songs. Om Shanti Om is a call for peace and love that has been streamed over 280,000 times on the Insight Timer meditation app (as of January 2019). This is #3 all time in the category of chanting and mantras!

2. Email [email protected] so I can help you connect with your local chant community. 

3. Get information on upcoming trainings, classes and private sessions (online and live in Boulder, CO) for brand new Kirtan Leaders who want to launch their home chant practice, and for experienced Kirtan Leaders who want to share Kirtan with others. 


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