Seeking What?

My best friends 2 year old son was such a curious child. I always got a laugh when he would look at me or his dad very sincerely and ask, "Daddy doing?" or "Mike doing?" This little boy would smile as his Dad or I explained what we were doing, and he would add this to his database of things that grownups do.

Sometimes I look at my clients and replace the word doing, with "seeking." So... what are you seeking? 

Years ago I came across several very concise and useful blog posts by Kacie Berghoef and Melanie Bell, authors of The Modern Enneagram. Their writing consistently conveyed an astounding amount of pragmatic information, using so few words, across a wide variety of relevant topics. I recently purchased their book and was delighted, but not surprised, to find a number of “Enneagram gems” contained within. Below is their concise and helpful assessment of what each type seeks. 

  • Enneagram Type One Reformer seeks Integrity
  • Enneagram Type Two Helper seeks Connection
  • Enneagram Type Three Achiever seeks Value
  • Enneagram Type Four Individualist seeks Identity
  • Enneagram Type Five Investigator seeks Clarity
  • Enneagram Type Six Loyalist seeks Guidance
  • Enneagram Type Seven Enthusiast seeks Freedom
  • Enneagram Type Eight Challenger seeks Power
  • Enneagram Type Nine Peacemaker seeks Harmony


Here are three questions to help you digest this concise list.

  1. Does the above list offer clarity around discerning your home base type? 
  2. How much of your time do you spend in your seeking? Could you seek for what you desire even more effectively?
  3. Paradoxically, are there ways you can relax the grip of this seeking for the sake of greater freedom and possibility of insight and action, and to seek other things
  4. Does the above list help you understand what motivates others with whom you are in close contact in your life? Can you support them in their seeking? Or, at least cease being as much of an obstacle? If so, how can you take action around this for the sake of creating more possibilities within this relationship? 

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