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What is a Kirtan Leader?

faqs kirtan education Sep 20, 2019

Years ago I started referring to myself as a Kirtan Leader.

While others in the field called themselves Kirtan artists, Kirtan singers or Kirtan Wallah's, I wanted to highlight the importance of leadership when sharing this ancient practice in our 21st century Western culture.

From my training in Embodied Leadership at the Strozzi Institute I viewed a leader as someone who:

1. Has a vision

2. Has specific, relevant skills

3. Has a network

4. Has a way of being in the world that invites mutual respect, trust and dignity with others. 

From Steve March, I saw the activity of leaders as "causing organizing." 

As a Kirtan Leader, I am committed to taking responsibility for holding a vision, building skills, networking and building community, and embodying trust, respect and dignity while causing organizing (events, tours, festivals, albums, workshops, etc.) to happen.

In this way, I (and other Kirtan leaders) can lead participants into the chant experience. Without us, participants would not be able to experience connection with the Divine through this exquisite practice. Our role is paramount. 

At KLI, the invitation is to begin the ongoing work of being this kind of Kirtan Leader. 


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