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Harmonium Madness!

I love the harmonium... what an instrument!

The harmonium was built by the French as a home version of a giant church pipe organ. The British brought it to India, and the Indians have used it to great effect since. 

The harmonium is one of the only instruments I know of that sounds amazing from day one.

It's perfect for Kirtan as it makes it seem like a huge choir is singing with you. And, it covers up any vocal imperfections, creating a beautiful, lush and meditative sound. 

Folks often ask me if I have harmoniums for sale, used harmoniums and what is the best "Bhakti harmonium" to buy for Kirtan. At times I've had ten, fifteen and even twenty instruments in my home at the same time! 

Folks also ask if I can provide harmonium sheet music, but that's not something I do.

If you want to hear answers to these questions + learn more about how to purchase a harmonium (and not a headache), check out these blog posts:

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