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Communication Practices Customized by Enneagram Type

There’s so much communication advice out there, and unfortunately, most of it is of the “one-size-fits-all variety.” Much more useful are practices that are customized by Enneagram type. 

So, I was delighted when I recently found this wonderful list of healthy communication practices customized for each of the 9 types.

What's your type? And, would this be a useful practice?

Type 1: Practice accepting self and others from a place of non-judgment. Note: non-judgment allows for everything to be perfect in the moment.

Type 2: Practice asking yourself what your needs are, first, before meeting the needs of others.

Type 3: Practice slowing down, delegating and allowing others to assist. know that you are loved without doing.

Type 4: Practice observing what is present and available, rather than what is missing.

Type 5: Practice giving more information and detail about yourself in your communication with others. Know that your resources are abundant.

Type 6: Practice trusting self and others, letting go of doubts and second guessing.

Type 7: Practice staying constant and present to others when they speak. Avoid self-referencing.

Type 8: Practice tact and monitoring of your energetic presence.

Type 9: Practice standing in your truth and communicating with confidence.

Of course, customizing communication practices requires that you have clarity and confidence around your home base type, something many people lack. 

Need an assist with gaining this clarity? Here are three resources:

  1. Check out our blog blog posts on the Enneagram. Many are designed to help you identify your home base type. 
  2. Book a “Get Your Type Right” assessment session. Click HERE for details.
  3. Purchase our Enneagram for Yogis on-demand (self-guided) course. The videos in this course are guaranteed to help you get clarity around your home base type. Click HERE for details.

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