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How to Practice Kirtan in Times of COVID

In these times of Covid, experts say singing together is quite risky.

I've received lots of questions about how to practice Kirtan in the face of these risks.

Short answer... while chanting together at distance (at least 6 feet) seems fairly safe, I recommend against chanting with others indoors. As we go inside for the winter, what are we to do? Here are three suggestions.  

  1. Chant with recorded music - stream recorded Kirtan on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube (and others) and chant along at home, in the car or anywhere that works for you. Dive in with your favorite Kirtan artists and chant your heart open any time you wish. 
  2. Chant live through virtual Kirtan events - lots of Kirtan performers have been sharing free or inexpensive virtual Kirtan events on Zoom and other platforms. This way is more "live" than chanting with recorded music. Find out their schedule, and join in with them at your convenience. 
  3. Chant at home - you can get yourself a great harmonium, find a seasoned Kirtan educator and be guided to empower yourself to chant at home. This is a full-on "live" Kirtan experience that is available to you 24/7 for the rest of your life!

I hope this is useful. And, please be safe!


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