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Is the Harmonium Easy to Learn?

It was her first lesson, and very first time playing the harmonium.

I instructed her to place her thumb on the middle C, and pinky on the middle G. She squeezed the bellows with her left hand. A broad smile spread across her face as she exclaimed: “Instant gratification."

Her comment brought a smile to my face, and I nodded in agreement. “Yes, the harmonium is very unique among musical instruments as it sounds great the very first time you play it!”

It was love at first squeeze.

In my teens and twenties I learned saxophone, and attempted to learn clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, keyboard and piano. I discovered that most instruments, like the clarinet, violin and even piano, can require years of practice before they emit a really good sound. 

The harmonium is special, as it sounds beautiful right out of the gate. 

Indeed, it offers the most instant (and ongoing) gratification of any instrument I've come across in my life. 


If you're interested in playing Western Kirtan (Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur) and want a portable instrument, you will likely be very happy with a Bhava Mini or Bhava Lite harmonium tuned to A-440. In most cases this is our recommendation. If you plan to order a Bhava Mini through Old Delhi Music, reach out to us for a promo code so you can receive a discount on your order.


Have questions or comments? Interested in receiving information about exclusive offers and discounts? Click here and we will get back to you soon. Or, check out our harmonium guide - Everything You Need to Know to Buy Your Perfect Harmonium.



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