Ken Matarazzo: Rhythm Workshop

Click HEREHERE and HERE to check out Kirtan Leader Institute teacher and percussionist Ken Matarazzo teaching our Level 1 and 2 students.

Ken teaches simple and fun elements of the Hand Dance Method (created by master hand drummer Glen Velez) and the ancient rhythmic form of Konnakol (South Indian rhythmic syllables). Through gentle body movement and accessible rhythmic language he guides students to explore their unique perception of rhythm within space and time and open up to the pulse found deep within their body!


Ken Matarazzo is a Boulder, CO based percussionist and teacher who has studied and performed on frame drums and afro cuban percussion since the mid 90’s. Some of his teachers include master drummers Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, John Amira and Jamey Haddad. Ken has collaborated with diverse artists, such as Jerry Joseph, Layne Redmond, Jim Matus and most recently Kirtan Leader Mike Cohen. Ken currently serves as faculty in the Boulder, CO based Kirtan Leader Institute and plays in The Shakti Groove.


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