KLI Featured in Yoga Journal

Check out the May 2020 issue of Yoga Journal for a fun article titled The Harmonium for Beginners. This article chronicles KLI student Jennifer Davis Flynn’s journey through our Level 1 (Launch Your Home Chant Practice) in person class held in Boulder.

The sub-header for this article is: “Whether you’re interested in this instrument to lead kirtan or bhajan or simply want to deepen your mantra practice at home, the harmonium is actually pretty easy to learn.”

Key quotes include:

  • “The harmonium is surprisingly easy to learn, especially the way Cohen teaches … even if you don’t know how to read music …”
  • “By the end [of the first class], everyone was singing and playing “Om Shanti,” ascending up the keys from C to G to the rhythm of an electronic tabla beat. I realized right then that the harmonium is tremendously accessible and fun.”
  • “Here lies the true magic of kirtan—experiencing the uniqueness and creative expression of each individual and then joining together as one voice, an incantation of the soul uniting with universal consciousness.”

We’re delighted that Jennifer shared her experience in the pages of Yoga Journal. If you’d like to learn, we have many online classes where you can take the same journey as Jennifer. As she shared… it’s so easy, and so fun!

Learn more at www.KirtanLeader.com and www.MikeCohenKirtan.com.


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