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Mike Cohen Quoted in Very First Yoga Journal Article on the Enneagram

enneagram education May 15, 2023

In May 2017 Yoga Journal published their first article on the Enneagram. Titled Who Am I? Use the Enneagram with Yoga to Find Your Answer, this well researched article was one of the first efforts to document the integration of Yoga (asana, in particular) with the Enneagram Personality Type system.

This article’s sub-header reads, “Discover the Enneagram, a personality assessment that can help you see what’s keeping you from realizing your most authentic, highest self. Here’s how to use it, along with your yoga practice, to change course.”

In 2012 I began offering Enneagram for Yogis workshops. While conducting research, the article’s author () found me, then discovered we both lived in Boulder. An in person meeting ensued, and Elizabeth used the following quote from me in her article:

“It’s an incredible companion [to yoga] that covers territory yoga doesn’t address,” says Michael H. Cohen, founder of the Kirtan Leader Institute and a certified Enneagram practitioner. “Yoga talks in broad terms about how to transcend our limitations; the Enneagram gives incredible detail about what that means.”

In June 2017 Marglin posted a wonderful follow up article titled, The Best Pose for Your Enneagram Number. This article views “Your yoga mat is the perfect place to explore and reconcile the core dilemma your Enneagram number has revealed,” and offers specific and customized yoga poses for each of the 9 types. Check it out!


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