"Shari" ing Her Voice with Confidence

Chant for Yourself, Chant for Your Community, Chant for the World

It's hard to face our fears and touch into traumas in our voice--our Fifth Chakra. Gathering the courage to buy a harmonium, to learn to use it, and to open up our mouths and let our voice out is no little thing. It is THE thing that can free our expression and propel us toward fulfilling our life's purpose, bringing our inner vision into reality.

So when one of our students shares their success in bringing their voice forward from within and out into their community, they show us how to do it for ourselves.

Here is Shari's amazing story (Thank you, Shari for being willing to share this!) :)

June Group Training in Boulder, CO

Shari attended our June Level 2 intensive where she felt held in loving, caring connection. She was invited deeper within a safe, encouraging and helpful space.

"We were challenged to expand past the edges of what was familiar and comfortable in a very safe way. There were many that experienced profound breakthroughs, myself being one of them."

In addition to learning, practicing and embodying seven brand new chants, Shari soaked up teachings about sharing Kirtan with others.

  • She observed how the teachers shared Kirtan with the group.
  • She learned about the three conversations for sharing Kirtan publicly, and the importance of keeping things extraordinarily clear and simple for beginners.
  • She took in the notion that we can start small and allow things to unfold organically.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Shari found freedom by consciously orienting as someone who is there to learn and serve, rather than perform and impress. This takes all the pressure off.

Heading Home and Sharing Her Gifts

Upon returning home Shari leveraged her freshly acquired confidence by sharing her voice in a new and bigger way. A healer and teacher of mindfulness, mystery, and ancient ways, she courageously decided to "make the uncomfortable more comfortable by publicly sharing my voice" with others through Kirtan.

Shari added small steps to the ones she had already taken, continuing to share mantra in her yoga classes and sing in the women's ukulele collective she runs.

Next she scheduled and held a Kirtan event, which was attended by more than 20 people.

"I overcame my freeze response. It just wasn't there! It was so transformational to share freely, in service to the light. This was a big step forward."

Best of all her daughter, also a singer and musician, drove in from out of town to support and participate... and even requested to help create the music with Shari at her next event!

A Big Step Forward

In the wake of sharing her voice with others in this way, a number of synchronicities arose. Over the following two (two!) weeks Shari was invited by a beautiful local venue, as well several yoga studios, to share sacred chant in their spaces. This inner transformation allowed Shari to share her voice with others in a new and potent way. 

Things Are Growing, Joyfully and Effortlessly

The inner transformation and vocal freedom Shari experienced in the intensive is generating beautiful ripples in the world. This is how it happens! As we face our fears and take those gentle first steps into new terrain, the road rises up to meet us and our worries dissolve while our gifts emerge.

While Shari is still chanting for herself, she is now also chanting for her community, and the world is opening up to receive her song. Everyone wins! 


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