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Skillful Ways to Approach Your Chant Practice

An email exchange with a student who has completed our EnChant Your Life and Level 1 courses led me to articulate four ways to practice your chant repertoire.
Hopefully this offers useful ways to practice so you both work your edges AND relax into the practice.
  1. Work on your newest chant. It likely offers a new challenge to work through, and will be a beautiful addition to your repertoire.
  2. Work on your favorite simple (not technically complex) chant. Something like Aad Guray Nameh, Govinda Hare or Om Shanti Om from our Introductory classes. See if you can relax into the chant (since it's so embodied for you on the harmonium and with chanting) and practice dropping in and opening your heart. After all, that's what this is all about!
  3. Practice chants with the iTabla Pro app so you can work on your sense of time. Again, like #1, this involves practicing at your edge and working to master a new technique (playing in time). Good chants to use for this are Govinda Hare, Om Shanti Om and Rama Bolo (from our Introductory classes) as rhythmically, they are pretty straight ahead.
  4. Every now and then practice running though ALL of your chants. Work off the rust... and acknowledge how far you have come on your Kirtan journey!

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