The Enneagram and Your Spending

Our Enneagram type gets to our motivation (why we do things), and our wing gets to our behavior (how we do things). So... getting a handle on our finances and spending habits is yet another aspect of our lives that can be customized using the Enneagram.

I recently came across a fun blog post on Enneagram spending habits. Author Jen Smith shares an infographic on what your Enneagram type can tell you about your spending habits... and how to improve them! 

Intrigued? Click HERE for the full article. 


1. Do you have clarity and confidence around your home base type? If not, what can you do to gain real clarity?

2. If so, did the author's "spending type" feel aligned to you? 

3. Is your spending "shaped" in the way she describes? 

4. Would her remedy (customized by type) be useful? 

5. What do you need to do to step into this remedy? Anything you need to start? Stop? Continue? 


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