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Seems like every week I hear a story with the following elements from one of our Kirtan Leader Institute studente:

Part 1:    I bought my harmonium a year ago in the hopes of learning how to chant at home.

Part 2:   Over the last year I tried to learn by watching online harmonium instructional videos, purchasing an online class with a famous chant artist and I even signed up for a subscription site stocked with tons of resources. And yet, none of them were useful in helping me launch my home chant practice.

Part 3: Thank goodness we met. Your system doesn’t demand that I learn Sargam (Indian Music Theory) OR Western Music Theory. The system you use to teach is clear, easy to understand, intuitive and (best of all) tells me EXACTLY what to do. The granular level of detail presented in your chant sheets allowed me to  learn how to sing and play (on harmonium) three chants in my first private session. Thank you!

Here’s an actual testimonial I received this week:

“I have loved chanting for such a long time.  A year ago I was gifted with a beautiful harmonium, which followed a year of struggle trying to learn how to play using online resources. As I prepared to move to Denver I did some research on harmonium lessons and was so lucky to have stumbled across Mike Cohen and the Kirtan Leader Institute. A few weeks later I received an email with information on a Level One class for beginners. I signed up before I even moved!

The first class was on my birthday- what an amazing gift and blessing. After the first class I could finally play one chant! As the classes progressed, I felt so supported by the personal attention I received – and the success I experienced –  as we learned a half dozen more chants. Mike’s method for teaching truly makes the harmonium so approachable. If you have a love for chanting and meditation, I highly recommend you participate in private sessions, weekend intensives or online classes with Mike and the Kirtan Leader Institute!"

— Sat Nam, Beth Mullin


Stories like these are common, and break my heart. Kirtan is such an astonishingly easy way to access happiness, love and gratitude. In our stressed out, polarized and fast paced world, Kirtan is a practice that is truly needed right now, more than ever!

A great harmonium sounds amazing from the get-go. And yet, so many folks who start encounter UNNECESSARY musical road blocks that prevent them from being able to launch their home chant practice.


As we wrap up eleven years of teaching at the Kirtan Leader Institute it’s amazing to recall of all the mistakes made, lessons learned and to remember all of the beautiful open-hearted Kirtan lovers who now chant at home and share with others. Working with 200-300 students per year has accelerated our learning curve. Our detailed, useful and intuitive chant sheets are repositories for much of this learning. 

Truth be told, as a lifelong and highly trained musician my initial approach to teaching was way too complex. It didn’t serve the students. Over time – and with lots of useful feedback from bright students – I have created a system that offers a granular level of detail presented in a clear, precise and easy to understand way. This proven process gets people behind the harmonium, playing the songs and chanting their hearts open LITERALLY in no time at all.

  • If you love Kirtan and want guidance on how to purchase a harmonium and get started chanting at home… we can help you purchase a great instrument. 
  • If you purchased a harmonium, but haven’t had the guidance, encouragement and useful support materials to actually play and chant songs… we can help you launch your home chant practice. 
  • If you are a longtime musician looking to transition into a form of music that is aligned with your deepest values… we can help you step into a form of music + spiritual practice that will feel meaningful and fulfilling. 
  • If you have been chanting at home and feel ready to step into sharing with others, leading a band, touring/playing festivals or creating an album… guess what? We can help you fulfill on your biggest ambitions. 

Over the years we have discovered ways to remove many of the obstacles to stepping into the exquisite heart opening practice of sacred chant. We  now have a turn key way for you to launch your home chant practice and/or share with others. 

If you are ready to step into this amazing practice, we are here to help.


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